SHELLEY Communications

Cabling System & Data Network Services
in Lehigh Valley, PA

For an office building, the structured cabling systems that run throughout the building are similar to the body’s circulatory system. These cables and wires are how all of the communication in the building flows, which means you need to know your system is set up for success.
SCS provides data network services in Lehigh Valley, PA, designed to optimize the way your business communicates. Using BICSI-certified standards, we perform complete installations for all sizes of fiber optic, category 5e, and category 6e structured cabling systems.

Not only do we perform the installations, but we also offer products and services designed to better organize your data closets, including custom cables and patch cords. This helps you better maintain your entire data network system so that it will remain optimized for performance. Contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more about our cabling and data network services.